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When all fails, always resort to your first love.

I have seen some marked improvement in my swims. Going the distance, and maintaining my speed are on the menu these days, but the week was marred by few ad-hoc meetings and farewell lunches, and sent my swims scattered like the many hues of blue tiles in the pool - oblivion. I managed a swim at Bukit Jalil Aquatics, but other days were concentrating to make sure next month's paycheck is in the positive side. But other than that, it really is a matter to break the 3k mark.

I am getting a hot-and-cold relationship with cycling now. I guess the biggest obstacle for me is to find my around to cycle on my own, like running and swimming. Until that day comes, RPM classes are as good as it gets to sweating it out. And I wonder why with cycling, I do not feel I was burning enough calories for the day. If any of you are in my shoes - that is a red flag!

So Saturday came, and I was adamant a LSD is a must, and I must reach Hartamas this time, on my terms. The hell with the Bukit Tunku's one dark stretch, I'd say. If I got scared, I'd run faster that course...
And that Saturday (05/02/11), I arrived at the empty carpark, and started running. It was horrible - my legs started screaming the moment I headed out... seriously. My head was enjoying the still air, but my legs were having a mind of its own. The battle intensified at KTM Bank Negara's climb, but regardless lost the war. It gradually disappeared in the ascends of Bukit Tunku, and I was finally able to enjoy the run completely. 

The thing about Saturday LSD at Bukit Aman is, you really have to start beyond 7a.m. in large packs, or you'll be alone if started earlier. Either you run in packs, or brave the route yourself. Given the circumstances, I was out of my comfort zone that morning, but the thought of Nasi Kerabu waiting at home for lunch was heart-wrenching! Solo hunter I was that morning... so I eat alone.

Bukit Tunku was great. I was spared any drama, even the stray dog that came close to my knees did nothing, and went away. As I approached Jalan Duta, the train headed by Jamie, Jeff, Daniel etc zoomed back from Hartamas, with Frank slightly behind. These guys started at 5a.m., and thanks to my late night, my initial plan to join them that fine morning was bashed. 

The subsequent visual experience beyond that was always pleasured by the thoughts of how many Malaysians afford themselves nice homes in Duta Tropika etc, just to kill my thoughts of pounding the road. And as I reached the Petronas, Doris just started to make her way back. I just had a very quick toilet break, and started to run back. And the journey back was a little more colourful with may packs of runners headed to Jalan Duta and back.

I love it when running on road, I do not have to be too conscious about everything. I could think about a lot of things, sorting myself out, sorting my to-do list for the next week, cooking a recipe for lunch, or simply lose myself in a Mat Jenin world. Different kind as opposed to keep counting the 40th lap, 41st lap, 42nd lap etc, or having to worry about the front peloton, and how to shift the gears. 
And I have not been sorting myself out lately, no wonder I'm such a mess!

So, after a successful LSD on Saturday, I plotted another LSD in Bukit Aman on Sunday, and knowing all too well that I'd discount myself on Sunday - I have called the help of the expert. And alhamdulillah, Nik answered and agreed to run. When he agreed, I thought I was in for some speed training, no less.

But the final guest left late from the unplanned birthday makan-makan for Aiden on Saturday, and thanks to encore of the American Idol, I hit the sack very late, and accidentally hit the silent mode on my phone. The time Nik was waiting, I was super late when I arrived at 6.30a.m., and the carpark was superfull from runners for AdiNation Breakfast Run. 
No time for lambong etc, we immediately started running. I could sense Nik's pace was everywhere, and breathing uncontrolled, so we took the pace easy. The newly polished dad needs a lot of rest these days... so we ran easy - pace still intensified, but nowhere near slow as we were just above our conversational pace.

We headed to Jalan Duta, and when we reached Duta Tropika, he was kind enough to offer a discount into Solaris Mont Kiara instead, as the time showed close to 8a.m. - I need to send Iris for her swim class, but Nik refused to run to Hartamas alone. To make up for the distance, we attacked Double Hills instead. Still in steady pace, we caught up with many stories. The last time we ran together was weeks ago, and when we run almost everyday, many happened in betweens. 
As we came down towards Lengkok Girdle, we ran into Shaharuddin's school of runners, and I saw pieces of me in them when Ian forced me into my first kilometre, which felt like ages ago (ok, ok... Ian did not force me...). 

We upped the pace a little, and arrived at the carpark satisfied. That is what I could rely on when running with Nik - a pure sportsman. Thanks to him, my discounts were not because we wanted to, and the workout was super good. And I felt good feeling my feet throbbing again. It is amazing when you finish running, you feel like going on for more. First love? 


June Malik said…
seems like a good run :) i am walking more but i do enjoy the aloneness and time to , like u said, sort myself out :) thanks for calling today, sure made my day !
Diket said…
Kau membawa ku kembali ke lorong memori cintaku. Oh! Bilakah kita akan berlari bersama-sama lagi datuk?

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