Waking up to run the trails at FRIM felt more effortless, as compared to braving the sub-6 a.m. traffic to Bukit Aman, that I know. With Standard Chartered KL Marathon seemed like a gaping crocodile downstream, I can't help to think how handicapped I am, as compared to where I was in the same spot last year.

The question is what happened? 

I had planned a long 30 on Saturday, but thanks to a Japan-bound colleague and high sugar, I woke up just before 7, and FRIM seemed like a viable option. It was however a stressed run, having to endure the sleepy and deserted trails. No fleeting laughters, or chasing up smokes and catching up on races whatsoever from running buddies, either nursing injuries, or hard at training elsewhere.
But it is always nice to conquer the Steroid Hill, and the hurried rush running down it, although every step was not without constant reassurance to keep me going. Had it be for my heart, I might have stopped at the Tea House.

Come Sunday, I was ignorant enough to attempt a 30, from Bukit Aman to Kiara and back. The moment I stepped out of the carpark, everything in and on me started their loudest protests. I thought I would need to make a U-turn as close as from JKR buildings had it not because of the thought of a wedding coming up that afternoon. Most psyching myself did not work that morning. But in between talking myself through, I arrived at Tijani, and the final push into Jalan Duta. I stopped, and turned back. I cannot run all the way if I am not enjoying it. The hell with it! 
It was when I was climbing Double Hills when I realised that I have been sleep deprived for weeks! My pace was everywhere, the chocolate bar and vanilla cream for breakfast felt heavy in me. Suddenly I cursed on 2 bottles of gatorade in my back - such unnecessary weight for nothing if I do not even reach Hartamas. What was a seamless solo run towards Petronas becomes so alien to me. 

So that's it! I just need to get more snooze time (which is quite impossible with my current workload) and I'll be OK.

*standing up* I am a runaholic, and I am fighting my running blues...

When people asked, I'd say that it's off-season.

I just need to get back in the groove. I think it is time to return to small 10k road races, provided their fees are not costing my limbs. The immediate one shall be Siemens Run. 

Oh, by the way, anyone looking for a (possible) TNF100 partner? 


June Malik said…
I am , I am hahah joke aje :) you've have had to juggle loads of things and lack of sleep memang will do this to you, you have not lost it for sure .. apa pun , I will be at km 35.8 with my red TW Ferrari to offer you some drinks, food, leg massage, apa yang boleh di offer heeh .. see you soon :)
Dancing Ciken said…
come on batman!
Diket said…
When and where is the walk-in interview for TNF100 partner to be held? :]

Diket Anon
Julin Julai said…
back to small races it is!
puh puh..racun racun

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