4 months in between is all it takes.

You look back and ask yourself - my God, what have I done to myself? To put things into perspectives, I was given a new portfolio in the office, and being a boutique designer that we are - I found myself sitting in the most important department in the office.
To put it mildly, as mentioned by my Director - quote, unquote "climbing the ladders".

That ladder comes along with an extra kilograms that hides my quads, hamstrings etc. I guess I have a big family now, hence the ladder is welcomed.

We always blame something for an untoward bad events - I do all the time.

Like bad traffic in Ampang would cut short my planed 20k in KLCC to a screeching 5.2k.
Or political instability and terrorism alert in the US would stop me entering the NYC Marathon ballot.

(just saying...)

Something like that...

But the turn of events that were presented to me earlier this year were, well, a blessing. I could not have been more lucky, I suppose.

We were invited for an international design competition for a development in Makkah. Right in the second week of SCKLM training when we received the RFP.
Without a doubt, I agreed with a resounding yes when the BigBoss offered me a place to lead the team. Are you kidding me? Free trips to the Holy City?

As it turned out, I did manage the whole competition with the final presentation last weekend in Riyadh. Along the way, I visited the Masjidil Haram and Madinah twice (Alhamdulillah), thanks to our relatives residing in Makkah itself who drove me around at odd hours of the day, taking cues of the thinning crowd from the live telecast on the telly.

But the long hours and stress equalled to comfort food, and most importantly, severe lack of sleep is the main culprit that threw me off my normal eating pattern.
I have entered another food dimension, and truly enjoyed the succulent and juicy lamb, especially the briyani and butter rice, curry, dhals, fouls, etc etc etc etc. It makes me sick just thinking of them now, punching letters at my workstation. To be on foreign land and not enjoying their food is an understatement. But enjoying without moderation was a big mistake. 
I blame it on the odd working hours and timezones.

See, convenience.

This weekend is the Marathon weekend. Many running comrades will stuff themselves silly and drink like a camel. Most will stock on gels, tablets, rubs, plasters and downloaded latest favorite running songs onto their mp3 players, and printing pacing targets.

I misses that. I haven't seen my running comrades in months!

I have not decided where I'll be when this Sunday comes. This depends to a lot of things. We might have to fly on a whim for a presentation, so I won't put my feet down just yet.
At the moment, I need to start getting myself together and be on a path to lose all these pounds I have gained, and back on track - whatever that means. Back to climbing the ladders, or back to lose myself silly trying to achieve a sub-4.30.

Anyway, I am keeping my head up. Returning to Bukit Aman soon.


June Malik said…
If at all u r coming, join kedai runcit!! Take care and I don't believe u gained weight lah hihi ..
ziff71 said…
Come and join us for a ride this Sunday :). Beskal ada lagik tak? hehe
Captain G said…
Welcome back.

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