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Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2015

I know that some of you are anxious planning for 2016 Running Calendar, fanning AirAsia zero-fare windows, and dodging family commitments etc. And I know this seems like a delayed entry, but judging from my blogging literacy and speed these days, this is considerably fast. And some weeks ago, Asger Koppen announced the VMM 2016 registration. Anyway, if that is not sadist enough, Asger Koppen adds a lipsmacking 100K category. Just when I had enough of the remote DaNang beauty, he launched an attack with an additional 30K stretch deep into Vietnam (apparently starts with a 30K loop before joining the classic 70K route, so I heard). The yuppies talk about Urban Poverty… runners should talk about that as well. With US Dollar appreciating beyond reach, overseas races with primarily USD objective are becoming more elite and exclusive. But if you want honest opinion, yes – YOU should try to race this once (if not every year). Whatever Asger describes about untouched be

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