Minggu yang Gelap

Last week was one of the dark week when I did not run at all. Crucial at this point of training though, that now SCKLM is one month coming fast and strong.

The right knee has been quite problematic, but I could run slowly, perhaps some tempo run, but work was unbelievable with my boss riding on my neck. I have not been eating well most of the time, missed lunches etc that the idea of putting a running shoe on did not appeal to me.

Needless to say, I felt like crap.

I went to the gym just for the upper body, and skipped lower body exercise, as my sore hamstring and quads doesn't help in my runs.

Doing ok, weight-wise, but probably due to crappy eating behavious and lack of fluid. Stood at 81.8kg, still by Friday.

Bouncing back, had a 28km run yesterday (suppose to be doing a 30k already), but was limping for the last 5k, thanks to swelling knee.

Next week - double up training will be hard, but will have some runs while I am away.


go for a run lah in CPH, should be fun, at least the heat wont kill you =)
amsyah said…
That is very possible, we are planning to have an architectural tour on foot... hehehe lepas tu sewa beskal, mesti best punye lah...

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