Progressive LSD daa...

I am sure that everybody is still on high from NB30k last weekend, and some are gearing up for PNM'09. Hey, after a great race like that whih does not come so easily in KL, we should be jubilant. Here's to the Weekend Warriors!

I will not be doing a full for PNM, didn't even register for any categories even. However, I wish to run along friends for a half. Hopefully bila malam-malam camni, officers won't pull me out, lah. Kalau lari dengan Che, boleh guna lesen besar ambassadorial dia hehehh ;)

Anyway, I shall continue with weekly LSDs, and free for anyone to join. This will not go beyond 30, but since NB30k, you would know how to extend the run to complete the mileage, yes?

I wish to propose the LSD as follows;

bila ? Saturday, 23 Jan 2010
kat mana ? macam biasa, Bukit Aman carpark
pukul berapa ? 5.30 pagi (to facilitate the night marathon training - but will do night simulation later separately, more energizer/sundown)
laluan ? Bukit Aman - Hartamas - Double Hills - Bukit Aman (approx. 23-23k?)

Those training for full marathon, could proceed to do what we did in NB30k, second loop into Padang Merbok and back etc.

This will be the final LSD before PNM before tapering to a 15k next weekend. As there will no water station as usual, kita bawaklah minuman masing-masing, refuel and solat Subuh at Hartamas' Petronas macam biasa.

Jom, jom, jom... jom heboh-heboh...


..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Ahaaa.. ini nanti confirm ada puak pemisah ni, especially that particular person who needs to rush to classroom at 9am, tak gitu Syah?

P/s: Now i know that there's another surau nearby (i.e. behind) Petronas, at the location where those Odyssey express buses are parked. Shaqi stopped there haritu.
Diket said…
Ye la bro. Sure you will not rush for your class?
quit smoking. fullstop.

Bro, insyallah I will join you. My usual 6.30am PT session @ tasik perdana has been rescheduled to this Friday.
p/s - I need to 'train' for my PNM (if I didn't ditch out lah)
I wont be joining for this run yah, my LSD on Sunday. Saturday, I will only run 10km at Kiara.
doris 桃利思 said…
haha... i will be doing LSD at the same datetime and same place with some running mates too (mostly girls). Planning to do 25k. The proposed route:

Will be a Looong Sloooooooooow Distance Training :P
amsyah said…
Nik/Diket : tuan-tuan, ekceli better kot kalau Sunday... tak rush sesangat, buleh sembang lama sikit makan nasi lemak n milo ais! baru enjoy sikit tak? tukar Sunday ok? ok ok, we change to Sunday

En Nalleq - I have quitted smoking for 5 years oredi bro...

Ian - Sunday ok ka?

kash : will edit post of LSD to Sunday

doris : waaa, run with the girls, we all ikut belakang...
ziff71 said…
Syah, I love to join (not all d way, may be up to 20k ajer) but decided to do 6-8km runs only this week due to the right knee issue. It is getting better but just wanna be sure that it heals properly before intensifying my training. Insyaallah next time.

p/s- I have to give PNM a miss. Got a "community service" to attend to that day.

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