LSD Maulidur-Rasul

The runs, these days, have been a little sluggish. On weekdays, I would simply hit a stroll of 5ks at the park, and call it off. It was only today I attempted sprints - it felt good, but something is missing. I have yet to hit those stairs at my apartment (22 steps x 17 storeys x 10 sets?) to ease up KL Towerthon, and my mileages for Energizer lacks big time.
I feel incomplete.

Perhaps, I am having a difficult time dividing time between runs and swims. I am finding ways how to step it up. Truth is, I do not have any plan in my runs. I simply, no wait, as of now, run blindly.

Anyway, I will join Diket and Shuk, running 25k-ish on Friday, running Bukit Aman - Hartamas - Carcosa - Bukit Aman. For me, this will be a 'tengok-angin-LSD', hopefully I would feel good to ride on those blue calves, or else I'll meet them back at the carpark.

When : Friday, 26 February 2010
Where : Bukit Aman carpark
Time : 6.30 a.m. (roll-out time)
Route : Bukit Aman - Hartamas - Carcosa - Bukit Aman (25k)

Come join us.


I will turn blue if I follow you guys! Hahha…maybe we'll meet halfway, somewhere at Hartamas.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
DON'T LIE about not having blue calves yourself.
I GOTTA FEELING that you won't be able to MEET ME HALFWAY!, coz i won't be there.. hehehe.

Enjoy your LSD with the blue calf gang! :)

P/s: Kalau perasan, semua bolded words kat atas tu ialah tajuk lagu Black Eyed Peas... (saja takde keje).
amsyah said…
Kash - as always. how much is this Friday? tanak run with us from BA? or you are doing Kiara - BA - Kiara?

Nik - I wonder lagu Black Eyed Peas entitled LSD tu bunyi macamana hahaha (my calves are still brown haha)
ian yusof said…
I'm slacking off big time. Kinda scary now thinking about ENR. Probably will have to start a serious 4-week blocks program next week. Here how it looks like:
Week 1 - 3 x 8km, 1 x lsd 20km = 44km
Week 2 - 3 x 12km, 1 x lsd 25km = 61km
week 3 - 3 x 16km, 1 x lsd 30km = 78 km
week 4 - 3 x 8km, prob skip lsd (tapering week)
* add tempo run once a week

whatdouthink? It looks good on paper .... wait till I try it on my own!
amsyah said…
Ian - your block training plan is very the scary, one. As always, I believe you can, and a sub-4 within reach!
crushhio said…
syah, nak join jugak!
Faisal said…
You call 5ks a stroll in the park? :P

Oh my, I still have a long way to go before reaching your standard. :P

Btw I'm facing the same difficulty as you regarding my cycling and running times. Usually I'll be too tired to run after my rides.

Anyway good luck on ur LSD, not sure when the time will come when I can call my runs LSDs too. Wehehe.
shuklazim said…
mari mari mari....LSD will be very slowwwwwwwwwww one
ziff71 said…
Syah - My LSD plan for this weekend has turned hire wire. Friday morning, wifey as part of her course requirement, will join a weekend study trip to Perak. Kene hantar dia kat kampus by 8.15 am. As much as i want to join your organised LSD, i have to give it a miss.

Saturday plak, just got to know that my residence association is organizing a maulidur rasul celebration. I am obliged to attend this one since i sit in the association's committee (tukang menyebok ajer hehehe).

So, i will do my LSD on sunday in Shah Alam alone :( Hope can join and experience LSD with the blue calves gang next session :)
ziff71 said…
Syah - Got 2 of my frens that interested to join your LSD. Much stronger runners compared to me but x pernah masuk race more than 12km. ENR dah kene racun dgn aku masuk for 1/2 :) Dia x pernah buat LSD pun. If u dun mind, could you email me your hp no, in case they wanna join the LSD, they might contact u. My email is

amsyah said…
crush - please, come and join us.

Faisal - sometimes the stroll is just hell in the park hahaha. we need to find ways to save some energy. People say that cycling improves running big time - betoi ka?

shuk - somehow I doubt that hahahah
amsyah said…
ziff - itu lah, kita ni manusia biasa, ada macam2 commitment. takpa, janji masa gotong rotong tu, masa angkat periuk kawah etc, jangan jalan, mesti berlari-larian hahaha. nak beli garam? ditch the car, mesti lari jugak hahaha

your friends are our friends - the more the merrier. I have emailed you hp no aku. We'll gather and stretch at carpark dekat the gerai end, not the toilet end (i.e. away from masjid).

nnt kitorang lari geli-geli lagi next week onwards, nnt join la :)
ziff71 said…

Masa procession maulidur rasul nanti aku lari2 anak hahahaha. Look forward for the other session :)

I got ur email. Thanks!

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