So Let's Dance

A month from now. That's it. I have a lot to catch up.

I will be doing a very the slow LSD on Saturday, running Bukit Aman to Hartamas via the government buildings and via Matrade. No frills, no water, no music...
I will be doing my slow pace, but friends are free to go on and blaze the road, or even doing a combo of a second Matrade loop, or en route to Kiara, or even doing Taman Rusa, or something in that line. You could even run to Jalan Duta and turn back for a 10k run.

The following LSD will be as follows;

Date : Saturday (01 May 2010)
Time : rolling out 6.15 a.m. (phew!), subuh prayers at the Masjid Bukit Aman
RV : Bukit Aman carpark, near the stalls

All hydrations and meals are your own.

Alternatively, there are progressive night simulation runs scheduled in Putrajaya (organised by UltraMarathoners) which starts at 9.00 p.m. every Saturday, where you could choose to run through the night, starting from the Palace of Justice, running towards PICC for a 10k loop. There will be no Petronas, 7-11 etc, so keep extra hydration in the car.

(cilok-ed from Triathlete Chap Ayam)

Hey Marathoners & Ultra-Marathoners,

We're training to prepare for Sundown Marathon & Ultra-Marathon, so we need to train our bodies to run from evening(84k) till sunrise(42k & 84k), so we're organizing some long weekend runs to prepare for that.

We will try to provide some hydration during the runs in Putrajaya, but no promises. Maybe we all can share the cost???

So please come prepared with your own hydration systems and fuels.

Others can also use this for training for KL marathon (just decrease the mileage).

Date42k Sundown (km)84k Sundown (km)LocationStart timeStart Location
17-Apr25-3042-45Energizer Marathon route4amShell Building
24-Apr30-3555-65Putrajaya 10k loop9pmPalace of Justice
1-May32-3765-70Putrajaya 10k loop9pmPalace of Justice
8-May30-3550-60Putrajaya 10k loop9pmPalace of Justice
15-May25-3035Putrajaya 10k loop11pmPalace of Justice
22-May21-2525Putrajaya 10k loop12amPalace of Justice

Please forward to the runners who might be interested, as those running the ultra might require some pacers to go on.

Keat Seong

Feel free to join if you are new, or bring more friends. Lets get more people live a healthier life. 


trikidz postponed to when?

good luck on your run. I will be battling my own demons too.
Diket said…
didn't know got trikidz. bila daaa? so LSD ahad? got larian bomba also.
amsyah said…
Kash & Diket - according to Steph, Trikidz telah dipostpone to end of May, which may coincide with Sundown... kena buat sendiri lah nnt.

Diket - diorang buat kat Panasonic Shah Alam. Register anak hang ka? go to

Diket - lupa daa Bomba... rugi lah dah bayar RM20... aku dah update entry, LSD will be on Saturday, 01 May 2010
Yimster said…
Good luck syah with the comeback training!
Diket said…
Datuk, then it's cool. I might join the LSD. Larian bomba have to see the legs Sunday morning first :)

No go for trikidz. Got wedding. Balik kampung & also going to Sundown.
IJAM said…
Bomba tak masuk ka?...
ziff71 said…
Syah, Insyaallah I will be there.
amsyah said…
thanks Yim...

Diket - we'll see lah... warwarkan le kat Nizam etc

Ijam - Bomba masuk, aku lari slow2 je, takde beza.. macam lari exercise je kot :)

Ziff - ok. nnt hang recce lah shah alam route for LSD, buleh tukar2 angin okeh

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