FRIM Farewell for Fkash

Kash is leaving on a jetplane back to Singapore, and over the last weeks, there have been FB markers, SMSes etc regarding the run-picnic in FRIM, up in the Helipad/Steroid Hill.

So here is the plan;

RV Point : Cafe/Mosque in FRIM
RV Time : 6.30 - 6.45 a.m.
Autobots Roll Out : 7.00 a.m.
Running Route : The Dream Trail, Rover Track, Dusun Durian, Steroid Hill, Steroid Hill Part Deux, Helipad, Tea House, Dicterocarp Arboretum, Jalan Kapur, carpark
Distance : 15-16km

Note :
FRIM charges RM5/car/person. Additional person in the same car will be charged RM1 (if I'm not mistaken), so carpool if possible.

This will be a farewell trail run for our dear friend Kash, so if you don't mind, bring some snacks in your Camelbaks to share up the Helipad. Do not be tempted to bring mee kari up there. Up in Helipad, and halfway on Steroid Hill, there will be water taps for cleaning purposes only.

Since it's the 9th of July, please DO NOT wear anything yellow to represent the Bersih Op, or anything provocative. 

As there will be some first timers joining Kash for the run, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you all to please remember that there will be no water stations in the trails, so please be self sufficient with your hydrations and fuel. I will bring some chocolates and deep heat rub, just in case. Do not forget your handphones. Normal running shoes are fine, but trail shoes are recommended.

The pace will be mild, considering Kash is having a swim date in Templer at 10.00 a.m. We are expected to reach Tea House at around 9.00 - 9.15 a.m. Considering the hot weather nowadays, the pacats may be away.

Hope to see you guys there.


RaYzeef said…
abang avatar, i'm oso newbie trails, pls bring muffin oso ya :p
Diket said…
Thanks for the initiative King! But I'll be in JB pekena mee rebus instead. My best regards to Kash please. Run safe & make sure kau jadi sweeper, bukan breakaway :]
thanks Syah for arranging this. Consider me a first timer. I had a lot of farewel makan for two weeks with zero running. And Syah, you should lead.

See you guys tmorrow, insyallah.
And what is the f in front of my name means? hehe

p.s Diket punya smiley lain macam jer...
IJAM said…
will be there...aweks takde ke?
Che said…
just my 2cents, i dont think you'll get to that place easily, coz they will block the road from 12.01am to 10pm that day, all road leading to down town KL. so expect a really massive, long jam. :) probably a change of venue, outside KL would be great.

sorry, i cant go. considering the situation that day, and i have already another event to attend to. tak boleh cancel.. :P rugi.. rugi x dpt join..
amsyah said…
Ray - carboloading season dah abis ye... go back to your salads :D

Diket - mee rebus and nasi ambeng memang terbaek! aku jadi sweeper memang padan dengan aktiviti kardio zaman ini, tak mampu den jadi forerunner. drive carefully bro...
amsyah said…
Kash - saja je nak complete kan the 'F' fiasco.

Ijam - hanya untuk mu... amoi di FRIM mesti ramai macam biasa

Che - unfortunate, kan? tapi change of venue outside KL also susah bagi some of us staying downtown and uptown :) Semoga everything esok dipermudahkan, insyaAllah. Semua orang mesti bawak lesen and IC.

Ni lama lah tak lari ngan En Daud ni...
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Moral of the story, when there are foods, there are runners... ahahha.

P/s: kepada org yg buat sikret trening kat JB tu... kirim salam kat geng2 di sana ye.
gracie said…
Thanks for letting me hang out with you nice folks! I do 5 km already feel like wanna die, so I am totally in awe of all of you doing 16 km today.
amsyah said…
Nik - dia dah bukan 2 alam ni... ni dah 2 ilmu alam punya treneng... cemana aku nak kechap ni

Gracie - thanks for dropping by today. Sorry I cant go to Templer to swim, even though so very der tempting. Nice to have met you
Diket said…
Nak jugak lambung. Cis!

Tengok gambar you all beraksi di FRIM teraso kerugian den tak dapek join. Best je kan? Anyway, glad that the run & farewell to Kash went well. Lepas ni saper lagi nak farewell? Aku mau join the run/party :]

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